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Solo Exhibition: "Cyber Isolation" at Lake House Arts Centre

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

My second solo exhibition "Cyber Isolation" happened at the end of April at Lake House Arts Centre. Was so happy with how the opening went, so much better than I even expected and happy that people really enjoyed seeing the show too.

The title "Cyber Isolation" was a combination of two words that were influences in the theme. A lot of the colours, particularly the later paintings I did were inspired by Cyberpunk art. It was inspired by just being around Auckland City so much, especially at night during winter and admiring all the neon lights. The Isolation part comes partly from how Auckland has been in Isolation so much during covid lockdowns and also about how a lot of people in densely populated cities still feel isolated. So the words have multiple meanings behind them and I decided to combine it into "Cyber Isolation".

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