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2017 NorthArt Pocket Show

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This was the first Art exhibition I was invited to. It was the 2017 Pocket Show: Small art for large walls or something like that :P But it was a really cool show, only the second time I'd been in a gallery show and the first time I had sold work at one. I was volunteering at the North Art gallery at the time, the person in charge there gave me a pack of these little water colour papers and told me what the show was about. I didn't have much time to work on it, so I used gouache as my medium because its a medium I can work fast in. I had to decide on a theme to make my set about, I ended up using this as practice for the construction show I would work on in the future. At the time I still wasn't sure what I would do for my first show, but after this, I knew this would be it. So I'd later go on to produce bigger oil paintings based on the same scenes here.

The Pocket show would involve something like 20 artists, all with their own mini shows, to produce affordable works. Or at least create the perception of more affordable than usual work since they were small, but the prices were still pretty similar to what you'd see in bigger pieces.

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check out here for more from the show:

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