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Urban Sketchers and Protests: Jan - April?

Everyone month Urban Sketchers Auckland get together at a location in Auckland to sketch the occasion. Almost every month there seems to be a march or protest in Auckland as well. So many times I find myself in the middle of one even if I wasn't intending too.

I've haven't been Urban Sketching much lately, been taking a break getting ready for me and Freddy's exhibition "Kingdom Come" opening on the 28th of August at Studio One. I've also been busy working towards making an online version of my classes that I teach.

But to get back up to date on some of the art event blogs, I had a few from the last 6 months that I hadn't posted. So instead of making individual posts for them, I decided to combine them into one video. So here are some urban sketching meet ups from the last 6 months with some bonus protest footage.

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